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Whether you're simply working with others, solving problems or working through conflict, DiSC Workplace allows you to better understand where people are coming from for a better working environment
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Build more effective relationships in the workplace.

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Your journey to understanding your workplace relationships starts with an online assessment. The research-validated online assessment asks participants to respond to behavioural statements on a five-point scale, including application-specific questions to help determine the participant’s Workplace priorities. Built using the latest adaptive testing methodology, each participant receives precise insights to personalise their experience.


You will gain increased understanding of your own and your colleagues' priorities that unlock engagement and inspire effective collaboration. Whether you're simply working with others, solving problems or working through conflict, you will learn how to understand your colleagues' perspectives and behaviour for a better working environment.


Unlock the potential of your team by engaging every member to motivate, build trust, communication and productivity.

Participant Takeaways:
  • In-depth self-discovery
  • Appreciation for differences in work styles
  • Strategies for successful interactions
  • Increasing your workplace effectiveness

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Follow Up 1-2-3

1. Comparison reports:  Take personal awareness to the next level by enabling effective collaboration. By comparing styles any two participants can identify challenges and solutions to maximise communication and improve their relationship when working together.

Comparison Reports

2. Team View: Provides an insight across the whole team, highlighting styles to increase awareness and constructively identify opportunities for improved team work.

The D Style
The i Style
The C Style
The S Style

3. Group Culture Report: Highlights how a team "gets things done" which has a large impact on the attitude, behaviour and satisfaction of each individual member. For some this will make them feel right at home and for others it will make them feel vulnerable. This report make members more aware and directs efforts to improve effectiveness and inclusion.

Group Culture Report Example

View Sample Reports

We’ve put together a set of sample reports for the Everything DiSC family of products. You can view the sample reports by clicking on the image below:

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