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People with this style are tough-minded and determined. They have little patience for incompetence or irrationality and are quick to speak up when they see flaws or inefficiencies.

People with this style are bold and driven. They describe themselves as risk-takers and like to be at the centre of the action. They are not afraid to initiate change and often have an entrepreneurial spirit.

People with this style are charismatic and adventurous. They have a strong bias toward action and are quick to get excited about new opportunities. Because of their passion and confidence, they are often described as persuasive, or even magnetic.

People with this style are gentle and accommodating. They are patient with people's mistakes and very considerate of feelings. They tend to be tactful and mild-mannered, often placing others' needs above their own.

People with this style are thoughtful and soft-spoken. They tend to spend a lot more time listening than talking and may come across as modest and unobtrusive.

People with this style are analytical and reserved. They take a logical, systematic approach to their work and pride themselves on accuracy. They avoid outward displays of emotion and don't mind solitary work.

People with this style are reflective and self-controlled. Because they like stability in their world, they often take a cautious, step-by-step approach. They typically spend a lot of time processing their thoughts before acting.

People with this style are questioning and skeptical. They pride themselves as strong critical thinkers and have high standards for themselves and others. They can sometimes come across as standoffish or cynical.