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BuyDISC provides Everything DiSC® profiles and follow up tools to unlock the potential of your team.

DiSC® Profiles

Everything DiSC® is a transformational tool that creates a common language that everyone can use. It is the simplest and most robust model for understanding people leading to better workplaces and productivity. You can build better relationships today with our authorised products.

Our Authorised Products

Workplace Profile

Whether you're simply working with others, solving problems or working through conflict, DiSC Workplace allows you to better understand where people are coming from for a better working environment ..

Management Profile

If you knew what your colleagues’ needs and priorities were would it change how you worked together? DiSC Management gives you a way to quickly understand those around you for more effective working..

Sales Profile

Are you prioritising your sales in the same way as your customer? DiSC Sales provides in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help salespeople become more effective..

Productive Conflict

DiSC Productive Conflict shows you how to identify and curb negative behaviours at work and how to use conflict to build trust and commitment. Making conflict productive improves your workplace....

Work of Leaders

DiSC Work of Leaders provides a personalised development plan towards a consistent and effective model of leadership to help you at work every day connecting you with people and your business… ..

363 for Leaders

DiSC 363 is an innovative solution giving leaders their next steps with things they can focus on now—strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness that can be put into action immediately ..

Our Clients

Street Child
The Chartered Institute of Building
Media Trust
Ministry of Defense
Red Agency
Fidelity International
Charles Tyrwhitt
North East Counter Terrorism Policing
HEC Paris
Ministry of Justice